Walk Through Estement #1

We do the complete on site Estement to assure you get the proper lighting for your Location.

Get You your Rebate #2

Submit the specifications of the facility for the qualified rebates and acquire the rebate check paid to your company.

Order, install the correct Lighting #3

We will order the precise lighting for your facilities indoor, outdoor needs. Then we install the proper lighting for a fraction of other electrical contractor.

More about our products.

96% of surveyed customers would recommend us to others. Despite efforts to curb demand, energy consumption continues to grow rapidly in North America. Electric utilities must either build new power plants or reduce demand in order to meet their customers’ needs. While building new power plants is very expensive, saving one kilowatt-hour through energy efficiency improvements is one-third the cost of any new source of electricity supply making.1 These significant cost savings have enticed many utilities to develop rebate programs for customers who reduce their electrical usage. The programs have become more popular over the years

More about your products.

Rebates and incentives help reduce the initial upfront cost of lighting projects. Typically, they improve the payback time by 20 – 25%. Rebates and incentives are not always as straightforward as people may think. We can help you get the most money for your projects while taking away all your hassle.

Getting the funds from the organizations isn’t always as easy as you think. If you do it yourself it can take 5-6 months to complete the rebate process. During this time, there’s a lot of correspondence and work with the rebate administrators. Each year, rebate programs handle thousands of applications, so it’s easy for yours to be lost or mishandled. You have to stay on top of it to make sure you get the money. Popular issues include wrong addresses, a different product being installed, and missing approval deadlines.

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